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Michel Martelly

A mixed record for former singer

Haiti Live, 14.03.12

Michel Martelly was the king of Haitian music, a high-energy charmer who became president of a broken nation by promising sweeping changes in employment, education, energy, environment and the rule of law…

The implementation of the Seismic Risk Plan to be accelerated

Haiti reconstructionTo improve the preparation and reduces risks of earthquakes

Haiti Live, 01.03.12

Minister of the Interior, Thierry Mayard-Paul said Haiti's Civil Protection Agency, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program, will accelerate the implementation of the Seismic Risk Plan (SRP) in Northern Haiti, which seeks to improve the way that this region prepares for and reduces risks of earthquakes…

Historical inauguration of the Henry Christophe University

Henry Christophe UniversityDonated by the Dominican government

Haiti Live, Defend Haïti, 13.01.12

President Leonel Fernandez, First Lady Margarita Cedeno and Foreign Relations Minsiter Carlos Morales Troncoso were in northern Haiti for yesterday’s inauguration of the northern campus of the Haiti State University (UEH), donated by the Dominican government…

Leonel Fernández will inaugurate University Roi Henri Christophe

University HaïtiOffered by the government of Dominican Republic

Haiti Live, from Haiti Libre, 06.01.12

Leonel Fernández, the Dominican President will travel to Haiti on Thursday, January 12, 2012, for the inauguration of the University Roi Henri Christophe (built in Limonade) offered by the government and the business sector of Dominican Republic, at a cost of $50 million…

Happy New Year ! !

Happy New YearWith all our hearts

Haiti Live, 01.01.12

Thank you to the 902,582 visitors from around the world and our 127 clients and friends for their trust, support and encouragement in 2011 and we wish you a wonderful year 2012…

The departure hall of airport was inaugurated

Toussaint Louverture International AirportBy Michel Martelly

Haiti Live, from Haiti Libre, 21.12.11

This Monday the Haitian president inaugurated the departure hall of the Toussaint Louverture International Airport, completely renovated as part of the rehabilitation work carried out in this public institution and whose funding is granted by the Haitian government to the tune of $4.3 million…

Sonia Pierre, defensor of haitian rights, died

Sonia PierreSeveral institutions recognize her advocacy

Haiti Live, from the Associated Press, 05.12.11

Sonia Pierre, a human rights defensor who bravely fought discrimination against poor Dominicans of Haitian descent since she was a child, passed away Sunday, according to colleagues, at 48 years old…

Haiti seeks to revive its coffee industry

Haitian coffeeOur biggest resource is our coffee

Haiti Live, from Miami Herald, 14.11.11

Osier Jean, a connoisseur, steps into the sterile room, pauses and clears his mind. With notebook and flavor wheel in hand, he quickly turns to the task at hand — checking the quality…

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Transports en Haití

- Public and private transports for men and materials by aerial, land and maritime transport in Haiti and Santo Domingo

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Haiti Recover and Reconstruction

Interim Haiti Recovery Commission - IHRC

Interim Haiti Recovery Commission

Established by decree on April 19, the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission’s (IHRC) mission is to facilitate rebuilding investments and efforts that are Haitian-led, coordinated, effective and efficient, ensuring that the implementation of priorities, plans and projects are faithful to the Haiti Action Plan…

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