Haiti Recover and Reconstruction

Interim Haiti Recovery Commission - IHRC


Established by decree on April 19, the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission’s (IHRC) mission is to facilitate rebuilding investments and efforts that are Haitian-led, coordinated, effective and efficient, ensuring that the implementation of priorities, plans and projects are faithful to the Haiti Action Plan, and properly sequenced to build Haiti back better.

President Preval asked Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive and President Bill Clinton to serve as co-Chairs of the IHRC to help guide donor and other stakeholder investments to help Haiti realize its vision for a stable and prosperous future.

Learning lessons from the rebuilding after other natural disasters, including rebuilding efforts in Aceh Indonesia after the December 2004 Tsunami, the Government of Haiti created the IHRC – a new governmental entity – in April 2010, three months after the earthquake.

Mission Statement

The mandate of the Interim Commission for the Reconstruction of Haiti (IHRC) shall be to conduct strategic planning and coordination and implement resources from bilateral and multilateral donors, non-governmental organizations, and the business sector, with all necessary transparency and accountability. The IHRC shall work to optimize the investments and contributions of these entities.

The CIRH shall be responsible for continuously developing and refining development plans for Haiti, assessing needs and gaps and establishing investment priorities. It shall approve project proposals based on their consistency and coordination with the Haiti Action Plan. While it shall be able to draw up and solicit projects that fit within the priorities of the Haiti Action Plan, it shall decide on the eligibility of external submissions.

The CIRH shall operate within the framework of the State of Emergency Law. Consequently, it shall be vested with the powers necessary to conduct its activities. It shall ensure the expeditious implementation of development projects and priorities, including facilitating the issuance of property titles and permits for the construction of hospitals, power generation systems, ports, and other economic development projects.

In order to facilitate the rapid and effective implementation of the priorities and projects approved by the IHRC, the relevant ministries shall appoint members of their staff to work in the IHRC.

Given the critical and immediate importance of identifying and mobilizing land for the purpose of relocating displaced populations, building long-term housing and schools, and creating jobs, the individuals appointed for such purpose by the Ministry of Economy and Finance shall be given the necessary authorities to examine applications and issue property titles requested by the IHRC within 15 business days.

The IHRC shall provide the relevant ministries with the international technical assistance necessary so that they may strengthen their capacities to fulfill their mandate in relation to development priorities and projects effectively and promptly.

Goals of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission - IHRC

Interim Haiti Recovery Commission - IHRC

Interim Haiti Recovery Commission - IHRC

Interim Haiti Recovery Commission - IHRC

Interim Haiti Recovery Commission

Board Members


A : Haitian Members

  • Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive, Co-President

Jean Max Bellerive, Co-President of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission

  • Mr. Lucien Francoeur (Chamber of Deputies)

  • Mr. Lucien Jean Bernard (Haitian Senate)

  • Dr. Réginald Boulos (Business Community)

  • Mr. Georges Henry fils (Judicial Branch)

  • Mr. Gary Lissade, Esq. (Judicial Branch)

  • Mr. Jean Claude Lebrun (Labor Unions)

  • Mr. Joseph G. Billy Louis (Local Government)

  • Mr. Raoul Pierre Louis (Local Government)

  • Ms. Suze Percy Filippini (Executive Branch)

  • Dr. Marie George Salomon (Executive Branch)

  • Mr. Claude Jeudy (Executive Branch)

  • Dr. Jean Rénald Clérismé (Executive Branch)

  • Mr. Jean-Marie Bourjolly, (Executive Branch)

B : International Members

  • President William Jefferson Clinton, Co-President

Bill Clinton, Co-President of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission

  • Mr. Percival J.Patterson, CARICOM

  • Mr. Pierre Duquesne, France

  • Ms. Cheryl Mills, United States of America

  • Ms. Cristina Barrios, Spain

  • Mr. Alexandre Abrantes, World Bank

  • Mr. Stefano Manservisi, European Union

  • Mr. David Moloney, Canada

  • Mr. Francisco Arias Cardenas, Venezuela

  • Mr. Antonio Ferreira, Brazil

  • Ms. Helen Clark, UN

  • Mr. Luis Alberto Moreno, IDB

  • Mr. Espen Rikter-Svendsen, Norway


  • Marie Carmèle Rose-Anne Auguste (National NGOs)Maj. Joseph M. G. Bernadel (Haitian Diaspora)

  • Mr. Philippe Bécoulet

  • (International NGOs)