Inter-American Development Bank donates material to Haitian artists

Haitian artAs a way to support culture in Haiti

The Inter-American Development Bank delivered art materials to Port-au-Prince for the use of Haitian artists affected by the earthquake of January 12, 2010. The materials were collected and purchased by the IDB in Washington, DC, through a campaign called Colors of Hope in Haiti.

Among the donated materials were acrylic and oil paints, canvas stretchers, canvas, brushes, spatulas among others items. Port-au-Prince’s Nader Museum and Art Gallery will distribute the materials.

The IDB is very pleased to provide these supplies to Haitian artists, said Eduardo Almeida, IDB representative in Haiti. Through their work artists express the culture and sentiments of the people while supporting their families.

During the campaign, the Bank enlisted the help of staff members, relatives and former employees interested in working with Haitian artists. The IDB-DC Solidarity Program and the IDB Cultural Center coordinated the campaign and sent the materials to Haiti. The Washington embassies of Argentina, Spain, Guatemala, Uruguay, and Venezuela, and some artists, also supported the initiative.

As part of the campaign, the IDB mobilized a group of Latin American and Caribbean artists living in Washington, DC, to lead participants in a collective painting session at the Bank’s headquarters as a show of solidarity with Haiti. Haitian artists carried out a simultaneous event at the Inter-American Development Bank’s Port-au-Prince office.

The IDB has a history of supporting our country’s culture, and this is another example of the Bank’s commitment to our artists, said Georges Nader Jr., president of the Nader Museum and Art Gallery.

We are very grateful for this gesture of solidarity.The materials come at a time when it is difficult to purchase art supplies in our country. The IDB donation is an incentive and inspiration for our artists.

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Haiti Live, Haiti Libre, 30.08.11

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