Martelly examined the potential of reinvigorating the tourism in Haiti

Tourism in HaitiNew generations must restore the nation to its glory years

After a week long tour throughout Haiti to examine the potential of reinvigorating the tourism industry, Michel Martelly, the President of the Republic, was convinced that the tourism industry was ready and able to contribute greatly to the recovery of the nation.

Tourism week started in the historical Northern cities of Cap-Haitien, Gonaives, and Milot and continued on in the Southern cities of Jacmel, Camp Perrin and Cote-de-Fer where arts and culture continue to flourish.

The Office of the President recalled Haiti’s historical standing as The Pearl of the Antilles and urged that new generations must take advantage of the opportunity to restore the nation to its glory years.

The president identified areas of development that the state could focus on; an extension to the runway of the airport at Cap-Haitien, restoration of the city’s gates, upkeep of the Palais Sans Souci in Milot, and a new international airport in Aquinas. In the President’s hometown of Cote-de-fer, the repair of roads and bridges were also addressed.

The president met with hotel owners along the coastline of Cott-des-Arcadins, and in Jacmel, Martelly visited many tourism projects that are already in progress. In Port-au-Prince, the inauguration of an English language magazine for tourism, Magic Haiti was launched to encourage the growth of tourism in Haiti.

In addition to attracting tourists, it is primarily to create jobs for young people, Martelly stated behind a commitment to support tourism agencies. It’s not for me to promote this or that particular group but to create jobs and facilitate sustainable economic development….

The Office of the President noted that the commitment to enhance the natural and historic sites to attract tourists and promote a different image of Haiti, calls for the cooperation of all the citizens of Haiti.

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Haiti Live, le 09.08.11

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