Vaccine against the cholera will be tested in Haiti

Vaccine against cholera in HaitiIt will be administered orally to the patients

The Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) has agreed to test a vaccination against cholera on a hundred subjects from a slum in Port-au-Prince and a rural community at the center of the country and the epidemic.

Dr. Gabriel Timothé, Director General of the Ministry of Health of Haiti told the AFP: The Shanchol vaccine will be administered orally to the patients in two doses at six-month intervals. It has been approved by the World Health Organization but it won’t replace better informing the public….

There is a low level of mortality. We will deploy teams to intensify our hygiene information campaign.

A year after the detection of a South Asian strain of cholera in Haiti, the infection has reached remote northern and southern parts of the country.

According to Medecins Sans Frontieres, the Haitian measures have been insufficient in tackling cholera. Romain Gitenet, chief of the mission in Haiti said, the Haitian authorities and the international humanitarian community need to work harder to treat and prevent cholera.

Gerard Bedock, also of MSF, said the disease was still an epidemic in Haiti and urged sanitary authorities to keep cholera isolation and treatment units at health centers.

On Tuesday, Dr. Paul Farmer, founder of Partners in Health said the choler in Haiti has become the worst in the world after 1 year. It’s freakin’ incredible, Farmer said by telephone. In 365 days, you go from no cases to the largest number in the world.

Farmer agrees with vaccination but believe more need to be treated with it. To eradicate cholera we’re going to have to vaccinate huge numbers of people, Farmer said. It’s going to require a massive campaign like polio.

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