Leonel Fernández will inaugurate University Roi Henri Christophe

University HaïtiOffered by the government of Dominican Republic

Leonel Fernández, the Dominican President will travel to Haiti on Thursday, January 12, 2012, for the inauguration of the University Roi Henri Christophe (built in Limonade) offered by the government and the business sector of Dominican Republic, at a cost of $50 million.

Leonel Fernández will be accompanied for the occasion by Carlos Morales Troncoso the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Temistocles Montas, Minister of Economy, Planning and Development and other government officials and entrepreneurs of Campus.

According to our sources, the inauguration of the university campus should be held at 11 a.m.

Upon arrival, the Dominican President will be welcomed by his Haitian counterpart, Michel Martelly, among other authorities.

The last time the President Fernandez came to Haiti was in May 2011, at the inauguration ceremony of the current President of Haiti, Michel Martelly.

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Pues como un haitiano que vivo en la republica dominicana digo gracias al govierno dominicano por ese regarito insuperable.

Bénito Durosier - Dominican Republic - 12-01-12

je suis entierement de revoir et de ravoir mon tres cher colleue de travail Mr Desamours Junior , avec qui j" ai tisse des liens d’amour et de reconnaissance pour ce qu’il fait dans cette commune .je suis entieremeent content de ravoir mes colleges du campus de Lorley University of Jamaique (I say every day you are the one and only one i m going to………..)ca me plaisir de savoir combien tu travailles dans le pays . Je remercie Jonas Coffee et Judith Coffee pour leur savoir faire en matiere de construction .

Pasteur Dorival Dave - Haiti - 12-01-12

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